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Since 1964 the Schiller family has been listening to and caring for the sleep needs of millions of customers.

Jay Schiller, a pioneering retailer in the industry, founded his mattress company with two guiding principals: always offer the highest quality at a fair price, and treat people the way we would want to be treated.

In 2003 Stephen Schiller, 2nd generation owner, built on his 20+ years of experience and began to develop PranaSleep.

Launched January 1, 2004, PranaSleep was an instant hit with consumers, and a revolution in mattress design was born. Since then, the PranaSleep team has continued to improve on its successes, designing new sleep systems and continually making use of the latest technologies and materials.

Now in it's 4th generation, PranaSleep offers comfort and support beyond anything experienced before. Engineered to float the body and designed to cradle the soul, the PranaSleep 4th generation is the most advanced latex sleep system available anywhere, and continues to please the most discerning sleepers.

PranaSleep - Rejuvenating Mind and Body, Restoring Life's Energy since 2004.

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PranaSleep Performance Core®

Our exclusive and proprietary-formula latex foam rubber – the highest-grade mattress foam available – has more than triple the natural rubber as ordinary Talalay latex, and offers the perfect balance of terra-firma support and pressure-relieving comfort.

Made in the U.S.A.

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PranaSleep® Performance Talalay Comfort Layer

Our proprietary formula of layered densities of the world’s finest latex is designed to offer maximum pressure relief and enhance conformance for deeper, more restorative sleep.

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PranaSleep UltraQuilt® Layer

3” Quilt Layer

The addition of a quilted layer using super high-density foams adds comfort, cushioning and a breathable layer between the sleeper and the layers of latex.

In addition, the latest space-age technology is woven into the breathable knit cover. NASA-developed Outlast® micro-capsules are applied to thread that is woven into the top quilt of your mattress.

This phase-change material regulates the body's temperature by storing excess body heat then gradually releasing it back as needed.

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PranaSleep® EuroStyle Foundations

Originally designed from the foundation up, the PranaSleep customized sleep system incorporates different foundation options to best suit you and your unique needs.


Crafted of slatted hardwoods and high-density foams to enhance the natural pressure relieving qualities of your mattress.

EuroSlat® Foundation

This bowed beech-wood slat foundation is engineered to follow the natural curves of your body and absorb downward pressure, eliminating unnecessary compression of materials. In addition, the slats around the hip area are adjustable, providing a customized comfort.

Adjustable PranaSleep PowerBase®

Enjoy the comfort and convenience of an adjustable bed in your own home. Powered by a quiet AC motor system, the wall hugger foundation features a wireless remote with programmable positions and deluxe message feature.
Adjustable leg height feature suits most every need.

Adjustable PranaSleep EuroSlat PowerBase®

The pressure-relieving support of bowed beech-wood slats are combined with all the features and comforts of a personal adjustable foundation that can be customized for the ultimate night’s sleep. Features wireless remote with programmable positions and deluxe massage feature.
Adjustable leg height feature suits most every need.

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The Fourth Generation

Founded in 2003, PranaSleep® endeavors to offer the world’s most advanced luxury latex sleep system and in that quest is constantly enhancing formulations, materials, and processes.

We are proud to introduce the Fourth Generation of PranaSleep...Engineered to float the body, designed to soothe the soul.

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