Dedicated to the Restorative Power of Sleep

The Story Behind Our Luxury Sleep Systems.


Since 1964, the Schiller family has been listening to and caring for the sleep needs of millions of customers.

Jay Schiller, a pioneering retailer in the mattress industry, founded his company with two guiding principles: always offer the highest quality at a fair price, and treat people the way we would want to be treated. That same philosophy lives on today with each customer served and each mattress sold.


A Revolution in Mattress Design

In 2004, a radical new take on mattress design was begun. Built on years of customer wants and needs, PranaSleep® mattresses incorporate a special blend of natural Talalay latex to provide the perfect balance of support and pressure-relieving comfort.

Engineered to Float the Body

Designed to Soothe the Soul

A Better Path Towards Sleep


Every PranaSleep® Mattress is Proudly Made in the USA.

Designed for the highest attainment of pressure relieving support and comfort, each PranaSleep set is meticulously hand assembled at our facilities in Buffalo, NY and Bonita Springs, FL.

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