Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Upgrading to a California King

Feb 2, 2021

If your feet hang over the edge of the bed each night or you find yourself curling into a ball to take up less room, it may be time to consider upgrading to a larger mattress. The size of a California King mattress can be a perfect fit for taller people, couples, larger individuals, parents who co-sleep, and those who share the end of their bed with a pet. A new California King mattress could even be right for you for the simple fact that it is the largest and most luxurious mattress available, because you can completely spread out. If you’re looking for the top of the top, the best of the best, and the biggest of the biggest, it’s time you look into a California King.

What is a California King?

Mattresses come in six standard sizes:

California King: 72” x 84”

King: 76” x 80”

Queen: 60” x 80”

Full: 54” x 75”

Twin XL: 39” x 80”

Twin: 39” x 75”

You’ll notice that a California King is way up at the top as far as mattresses sizing goes.  When switching from a Queen size bed or even a King size bed, a California King mattress can seem like a significant upgrade.

What is the Difference Between a California King Bed and my King Bed?

There are several inches difference between a California King and a King, in both the width and length. Some people think a California King is even wider than a King, which actually isn’t true. A California King is several inches narrower than a King. What makes the California King larger is that it is a full four inches longer. A King size is 80 inches, which is 6 foot 6 inches. A very tall individual will have a hard time sleeping with their feet near to or over the edge. Those extra four inches will be very much appreciated!

Will a California King Fit in my Room? 

Getting a different mattress size isn’t quite as simple as a quick purchase of a newer, better model. For one thing, you’ll need to make sure your master bedroom actually has the space for such a large bed! It’s not just about the square footage of the room. It’s the layout too. The bed will be over 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. You don’t want it to take up literally every inch of the room; you need to walk around! Before purchasing, measure the space you plan for your bed to go. If you have space, treat yourself with a California King size mattress and look forward to getting better sleep than ever before!

You’ll also want to make sure you have everything ready to go for when your new mattress is delivered. We offer free US shipping, so with that worry out of the way, you can concentrate on setting up your new bedroom. You’ll be replacing your mattress, yes, but also your bed frame, foundation, sheets, mattress pad, and possibly even pillows all at once. If your King size bed frame is a headboard with metal rails and nothing at the feet, you may be okay letting the new mattress go a bit over the edge. Your current sheets and mattress pad definitely won’t fit though.


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