Adjustable PranaSleep EuroSlat PowerBase

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Elevate your comfort zone with the full-range flexibility of PranaSleep’s PranaSleep EuroSlat PowerBase, offering a multitude of unique features and Bluetooth capabilities. Controlled by the backlit wireless remote or personal device, this upgraded PranaSleep model smoothly adjusts through elevating the head and foot, or the pillow-tilt option. Supported by European beechwood slats, the electric bed frame offers a weightless feel and natural pivoting. Created with convenience and luxury in mind, presets for anti-snore and massage instantly enhance your sleep experience at the touch of a button.

  • Electric, Euro slat adjustable bed base with wireless remote
  • Back-Lit Wireless Remote: Easily adjust raising of the head and foot, pillow-tit (head tilt), or return to flat. Includes anti-snore options, two programmable positions, massage, emergency power-down, safety lock, sleep timer, gentle-wake alarm, and under-bed lighting.
  • Massage Preset: Dual massage technology with wave feature and intensity adjustments.
  • Anti-Snore Feature: The pre-programmed position gently raises the head to help alleviate snoring.
  • Sleep Timer Option: Set to return to flat after 10-90 minutes.
  • Gentle-Wake Alarm: Can be set up to 24 hours in advance.
  • Bluetooth Controls: Application capability to control all functions from your phone or tablet using both Apple and Android devices.
  • European Slats: Beechwood slats engineered to provide weightless support by working with the natural curves of the body through pivoting, moving up and down, and head to toe. Mimics the body's silhouette by flexing and turning.
  • Includes headboard brackets and adjustable leg-heights (5" leg, 1.5" glide, adjusts to 8", 16" height).
  • Can convert to a one-touch remote, and the remotes can be programmed to work independently.
  • USB Hub: 4-port USB hub located on each side of the base.
  • WallHugger® Technology: Lifts while simultaneously gliding back, enabling you to stay beside your nightstand.
  • Lift Capacity: 700lb.
  • Warranty: 25 year limited, 1 year full

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