Adjustable Om EuroSlat PowerBase

Regular price $4,100

Elevate your sleep with the PranaSleep EuroSlat PowerBase. Featuring head and foot articulation, as well as pillow-tilt, the PranaSleep Adjustable EuroSlat PowerBase allows you to find the perfect degree for ultimate support while you read, work or watch TV in bed. Featuring Wallhugger® engineering, the adjustable power base lifts you, while simultaneously gliding you back. This means your TV remote, cell phone, and favorite book are within arms reach.  

The remote features multiple programmable positions, a pre-set zero gravity position, a pre-set TV position, and a snore button. With a dual massage and wave technology built into the base, you can adjust the massage wave intensity giving you extreme relaxation from head to toe. Soft under-bed lighting casts a gentle relaxing glow.  

You can control all of these functions while using the app controls, on both your Apple and Android devices. Set a gentle wake alarm or massage wave directly from your phone or tablet. 4-port USB hub conveniently located on each side of the base allows you unwind and re-charge.

The ultimate in weightless support is provided by the Beechwood EuroSlats. The EuroSlats are engineered to support the natural curves of the body. They provide support by pivoting, working up and down and head to toe, mimicking the silhouette of your body frame by flexing and turning. 

  • Safety Lock
  • Ultra-quiet motor
  • 700 lb. total max weight
  • Emergency power-down feature
  • Headboard brackets included with the base
  • Sync cable included on split sizes
  • Variable leg-height kits and locking casters available as accessories
  • Back-lit capacitive-touch remote with convenient table-top holder


    •  Limited 1-3-25 warranty:
    •  1st year – full warrant
    • 2nd and 3rd years – limited warranty
    • 4th through the end of 25th year – limited warranty

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